Saturday, 3 July 2010

'Perhaps' diocese could split, writes Southwark clergyman

From The Church of England Newspaper

[...] There are two new groups already within the Church of England, one called Inclusive Church, the other the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans linking with other Anglican provinces, that make up the large majority of the Anglican Communion. Either could develop to take on an alternative oversight from Canterbury – depending which side the Archbishop of Canterbury comes down on.

Perhaps it is time to resurrect a proposal I made in a ‘round-robin’ to Southwark clergy 10 years ago, that in the event of a split, perhaps the Anglican Bishop of London Diocese (north of the river) could ‘take on’ the orthodox parishes and clergy south of the river, and the liberal parishes and clergy north of the river could opt for the Bishop of Southwark as their diocesan.

At the time, the Bishop of London did comment that he thought he already had enough on his plate. It is not only an issue for London and Southwark. There will be others in other dioceses who will want to join the party, on either side. I hope the House of Bishops have a plan, to avoid the ridiculous situation pertaining in the United States, where an ever larger proportion of Episcopal Church funds are squandered on litigation over the ownership of church property.

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