Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My guess is that Jeffrey John will become the C of E's first openly gay bishop – with David Cameron's support

[...] Anyway, I’m not an Anglican and it’s not for me to say whether this is the right move for the Church of England. Dean John would be a completely unsuitable Catholic bishop – not because he’s a celibate gay prelate (no shortage of those on our side of the Tiber) but because he strongly opposes Catholic moral teaching. Like all the “Affirming Catholic” crowd, he’s a Protestant in RC vestments. But, hey, that’s his business. And he was treated appallingly seven years ago.

One final thought. Is this really such a big deal? Jeffrey John wouldn’t even be the first celibate but obviously gay Bishop of Southwark. There has been one before, and very fondly remembered he is, too. Read more

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