Friday, 16 July 2010

Homophobia rife in public life says ex-BP chief

Ed: The question after all this time must be "Why?"

The former chief executive of BP today claimed that homophobia is still rife within public life.

Lord Browne of Madingley said prominent gay men and lesbians feel continued pressure to hide their sexuality to succeed.

He stepped down from his role with the oil giant after failing to win an injunction prevent the publication of details of a gay relationship.

His comments come after the resignation of David Laws - the former Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Mr Laws was the first high-profile resignation from the coalition Government after allegations surfaced concerning expenses claimed for his male partner. Read more

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  1. Further to my own question, one comment on this story asks, "how many heterosexuals hide their sexuality?"

    But of course, in general if you are heterosexual, your body 'declares' that for you. To make your sexuality clear as a homosexual you actually have to make a statement - to 'come out'. And this is surely of some significance in this entire debate.


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