Monday, 12 July 2010

Embattled Archbishop urges synod to behave like children of Christ

[...] It is a serious blow for both Archbishops, especially Dr Williams. David Cameron has been given a briefing paper on what to do in the event that Dr Williams resigns but Dr Williams made clear before the debate that he did not regard the vote as a test of his authority.

Parliament was also likely to throw out any Church decision on women bishops that made them "second class".

Tony Baldry, the Conservative MP and the new Second Church Estates Commissioner, who represents the Church of England in Parliament, warned the General Synod that the "equality agenda" has strong support across Parliament.

He said that the difficult task he will face of steering legislation through Parliament with provision for traditionalists who oppose women bishops could become impossible if there was "any scintilla of suggestion that women bishops were in some way to be second-class bishops". Read more

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