Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Marriage does not make relationships stable, says IFS think tank

The Institute for Fiscal Studies said that although spouses are less likely to separate than couples who live together, this is not down to the benefits of matrimony.

Researchers claimed that those who marry are simply more likely to be older, better educated and wealthier than those who have babies out of wedlock.

The IFS, which has built a powerful reputation through its economic analyses of election proposals and the Budget, went on to suggest that its report “casts doubt” on the Government’s aim of preventing family breakdown by promoting marriage.

Ellen Greaves, research economist at the IFS, said: "The evidence suggests that much of the difference in relationship stability between married and cohabiting parents is due to pre-existing differences between the kinds of people who get married before they have children, compared to those that cohabit.” Read more

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