Saturday, 10 July 2010

Our obsession with sexuality may be blinding us to deeper truths

[...] We have decided that sexual behaviour between consenting adults in private is something that the law should not try to control. Anyone who believes in freedom and opposes the state control of private life should rejoice.

But in other respects, we have changed for the worse. Instead of promoting tolerance – a concept which is only necessary when dealing with things which one doesn’t like – modern society insists on approval. The approval has to be pretty much unqualified – gay promiscuity, gay sex in public, gay pornography are admired as expressions of the fundamental right of which Lord Hope speaks. Almost literally, it would seem, they get you a passport.

If you say things which are critical of gay behaviour, you are “homophobic”. That word is favoured because a “phobia” is a sign of derangement rather than a legitimate point of view. Homophobic remarks are criminalised, so a new form of oppression replaces the old. And since all mainstream religions have always upheld heterosexual marriage over all other forms of sexual behaviour, all these faiths are now being pushed to the margin of legality.

Is this what modern society wants? I am genuinely not sure. Read more

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