Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Jeffrey John’s problem

[...] The problem with Jeffrey John is not his sexuality but the fact that he has come to represent something bigger than himself. Justly or unjustly he is now seen to embody the type of theological liberalism that has caused so much damage to the American branch of the church. Some of this is not his fault at all poor fellow! The media have not helped him and nor did the Archbishop of Canterbury when he singled him out for some quite brutal humiliation. In many ways he has had a rougher deal than many others in his situation. But he must also shoulder some of the blame himself. You cannot write books such as ‘permanent, faithful,stable’, which campaign for sex outside of traditional marriage, at a time of genuine struggle in the church and then expect to fly under the radar! This brings us to the heart of the debate. Here is a man who has campaigned for something which until very recently would have been considered very risky and which is still considered unbiblical by a great many people. Such campaigning has obvious implications and he now lives with the fallout. Read more

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