Monday, 21 March 2011

Sex before I get married? No problem, says Joanna the most glamorous vicar in Britain

[Ed: Ironic, in view of the previous story, about the same person]

She was born with a facial deformity and found fame through her forthright views on abortion. Now chaplain to the fashion industry, she is planning her wedding... and is as outspoken as ever

Given her formidable drive and forthright personality, it might seem surprising that we have heard so little of Joanna Jepson in recent years.

The glamorous cleric first came to public attention when she spoke out against a late abortion that had been carried out in 2001 - the termin­ation of a 28-week-old foetus with a cleft palate.

[...] Is she opposed to sex before marriage? 'No,' she says firmly. 'I think it is part of getting to know someone and discovering if you have a future together.

'You have to get to know a person emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually, all of which are components of a relationship.

'But I am not living with Nick. I think setting up home is something you do after the wedding.'

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