Monday, 21 March 2011

Channel Four vicar says her show makes Christianity look sex-obsessed

The vicar starring in a new Channel Four reality show has accused the programme's makers of deliberately making Christians appear obsessed with sex.

The Rev Joanna Jepson, who is chaplain to the London College of Fashion, described the show, Make Me a Christian, as "sensational", "irresponsible" and "contrived" and claimed that she was duped into taking part.

Miss Jepson was so unhappy that she took legal action to try to force the producers to remove scenes involving her from the final cut, but was unsuccessful. She has now spoken out to distance herself from the social experiment, which features a lapdancer, a Muslim and a lesbian being asked to change to a Christian lifestyle.

Miss Jepson is one of a panel of four clergy charged with persuading the volunteers to live by the teachings of the Bible; the others are a Pentecostal minister, an evangelical preacher, and a Roman Catholic priest. Read more

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