Monday, 22 August 2011

Religion in Camp Bastion: 'What people are asked to do here can lead to big questions'

[...] Padre Alice of Joint Fires Group says: "People who come find their faith challenged - whatever their faith - when you test it. Witnessing inhumanity and indecency is very challenging. What people are asked to do here can lead to big questions. I'm not suggesting everyone will become an evangelical Christian but people start to ask questions and that's a start. What all of us would prefer is a thought-through faith. This is a place where people do that for the first time.

"Religion doesn't have the cool factor. It's the culture they were brought up in, their age. But people can go from nothing to believe they have found the absolute answer. There's no support for them back home on this because society does not encourage people to explore their faith in a meaningful way.

"Obviously any minister will tell you that they would love to have more people come to church. A lot of people brought up now know nothing about church other than marriages, funeral or the TV. But it would be foolish to expect our guys to come to church." Read more

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