Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WALTHAM FOREST: Churches tight-lipped over Catholic move

SECRECY surrounds three Anglican churches in the borough which have reportedly decided to join a new branch of Catholicism - but are yet to tell their superiors of the move.

This week the Catholic Diocese of Brentwood announced that six congregations in the UK - including one in Leytonstone and two in Walthamstow - were definitely going to join its 'Ordinariate' grouping.

The new branch, which was first announced in 2009, is being established for disillusioned Anglicans following rows over issues such as women bishops, gay clergy, and same-sex blessings.

But the Church of England says it is not aware of any decision having been made by the three churches and that no priests in Waltham Forest have yet resigned.

Meanwhile the diocese of Brentwood has refused to release the names of the churches or the clergymen who are involved. Read more

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