Tuesday, 3 August 2010

CDEA chair encourages Evangelical candidates for General Synod

The Chair of the Chelmsford Diocesan Evangelical Association, Gordon Simmonds, has issued an encouragement for Evangelical candidates to stand for the next elections to General Synod. In an e-mail sent to members, he writes, "There is a real need for Synod to have a good representation from the Church and this clearly should include Evangelical voices."

Gordon has also offered some advice on campaigning:

"Because the electorate is scattered over the whole diocese, many voters will not know many of the candidates: I think this will be particularly true for the laity. So I strongly recommend candidates to put some work into the preparation of their Election Addresses. You can use up to two pages of A4 to introduce yourself, what you stand for and why you would like people to vote for you. Most candidates include a photograph of themselves and this seems to me to be a good idea."

He adds, "Advice is available from the Evangelical Group on General Synod and other places."

In his conclusion he also notes for Deanery Synod members the importance of voting: "Even if you don't stand for election, may I urge you to vote - a lot of people do not!"

Advice on standing for General Synod, and an indication of what serving on the Synod entails, may be found on the official Church of England website.

Nomination forms for Chelmsford can be obtained from the Diocesan Registrar, Buzz Hood (bjhood@wslaw.co.uk), and must be returned to him by noon 3 September.

For further advice, speak to your local minister or someone from the Diocesan Evangelical Association.

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