Monday, 21 June 2010

Ed Tomlinson's Blog: York and Canterbury rally!?

It is no secret that many bishops are in a bit of a panic about this summer’s debate over women bishops and fear the loss of many traditionalists. According to reports in the Daily Mail both the Archbishop of York and the Archbishop of Canterbury now plan to intervene in the forthcoming debate over women bishops by demanding greater provision for opponents whose needs will not be met if the conclusions of the revision committee come into force. Quite what the Archbishops will propose is not made clear and nor is there any guarantee that synod will listen to their plea but at least it shows that they understand the plight of those being forced into the fringes of ecclesial life.

What is the English Anglo-Catholic to make of this latest twist in a very long saga? Most importantly what will the impact of this public support be on the emerging Ordinariate? The answer depends on which of three camps an individual occupies at present. Perhaps it helps us to name them: Read more